By observing existing products of the rehabilitation market one thing becomes clear. People with functional disabilities are restricted on current technology wheelchairs. Their mobilty is highly confined, even in environments specially designed for them. They are in an almost permanent sitting position and they aren't able to use anything intended for an able-bodied person. A closed door, a light switch or an ATM are out of reach. Existing standing powered wheelchairs are expensive, heavy and bulky. They also lack the ability to overcome small architectural barriers.

Laddroller combines an exoskeleton with a powered wheelchair. It offers simultaneous maneuverability from standing position and posture adjustment without additional complex mechanisms. Laddroller is a light and solid unit with small turning radius and minimal maintenance needs. It operates easily from any position of the user's posture and is able to climb curbs and overcome gaps even going forward thanks to its differentiated approach. High quality metal alloy frame, state of the art electronics, reliable motors and the ease of use, compile a unique, effective and promising product.


Laddroller is a patented invention of Dimitris Petrotos and Marios-Ermis Petrotos, a 3 year R&D project that it is already prototyped.




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